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Now that you have defined your goals and know your intake requirements from filling out the Setup tab, I’m are going to walk you through how to build your meal plan.

You will notice that your information from the Setup tab has carried over onto the Meal Plan tab.  The start date that you entered will determine the day of the week your Meal Plan will begin. 

Each day of the week and meal number are represented along the left.  Each day has enough spots for 8 meals, however your calories per meal are calculated from the Number of Meals you chose on the Setup tab.

Along the top shows you a daily summary of your macro and intake breakdown.  If you want to edit a particular day, rather than scrolling down, you can click on the day to get around more quickly.

Now let’s build a meal…

Remember, the only cells that you need to enter information into are shaded in blue.  Everything else will auto-populate.

When you select a cell in the product column, a dropdown will appear.  The foods listed in the dropdown menu are the same foods, and in the same order, as listed on the Food List tab.  We will go over how to customize your food list tab in the next video.

So, when you choose a Product you will see the unit appear.  When you enter the quantity of your food, it will populate the calorie, protein, carb, fat, and comment fields with the corresponding values.

Each meal has it’s own subtotal for each column to help you create the ideal meal for any time of day.  For example, you may want to build a meal with a certain ratio of protein to carbs after a workout.  Or, create a snack that has a certain calorie value. 

The Percent of Daily Goal represents the share that each meal has in relation to your total daily intake - another useful reference.

As you build your meal plan, the summary along the top will automatically update and should be used as a reference to ensure that you’re daily intake is meeting your requirements and macros to achieve your goal.  It will always show you your macro breakdown, however will turn green when your calorie intake is within range of your Daily Target.

Now, what I like to do is save my meal plan for each week and reference meals that I have created in the past.  Then you can simply copy paste them in.  So, I’m going to do that now…

There – now that I have my meal plan built, you will notice how my weekly summary filled out to meet my daily goals.  If you ever wanted to clear one of these days out, simply click “Clear Meals” and choose the day you’d like to clear.

If you’re lost at what to even include in your meal plans, check out our templates online!  They will give you an outline of what to include in each meal and a custom food list to match your goals.